Guru Harkrishan Public School, Hargobind Enclave

    Guru Harkrishan Public School, Hargobind Enclave Delhi, is established with a vision of providing quality education to students. The inception of the concept of Guru Harkrishan Public Schools was with the exalted aim of providing the best of English Medium Public School education rooted and steeped in the core values of our exalted Gurus. It is with this in mind that our school is attempting to provide world class educational facilities to the students.

    Guru Harkrishan Public School, Hargobind Enclave is the youngest fledgling in the chain of schools dotting different parts of Delhi. It came into being in 2001 under the aegis of Delhi Sikh Gurudwara Management Committee in the everlasting memory of Guru Harkrishan Sahib Ji, the eighth Guru of the Sikhs who sacrificed his life at a very young age for the cause of humanity..
                 The vision behind this movement of the Guru Harkrishan Public School chain of schools is enshrined in the schools’ motto: “Vidya Vichari Taan Paropkari”, which means that he is learned indeed who does good to others. The exalted aim is to produce ideal members of society- ideal Harkrishan who have knowledge and skills, who possess character traits which others would like to emulate and who have balanced personalities steeped in spiritual values. Ours is an English Medium, Co-educational Progressive School affiliated to the Central Board of Secondary Education for All India Scheme under 10+2 system of school education..
    The School is located in East Delhi in a lush green campus spread over 309 acres which ensures that the physical education needs of the students are met so that they do not become couch potatoes..
    Provision for a large number of games and activities have been made.
    Well equipped computer labs have been provided to ensure that each and every student of every segment gets an opportunity for hands on activity and experience..
               We are in the process of networking with other schools both within and without the country to enable and equip our students to become global citizens in the truest sense of the term.
    A digitalized school library is another step which the school is taking. We have 14000 books and are in the process of acquiring additional eBooks. The aim is to ensure that the art of reading does not become a ‘LOST ART’.
    Read aloud sessions of famous books from well known authors are projected on the screen in the library itself. This is to tingle the taste buds of our children so that they take the next step to becoming” BOOK LOVERS”.
    We are of the strong belief that all our activities and focus should ensure that we are working in tandem with the policy of educating of the “WHOLE” brain of the “WHOLE” child..

  • S. Manjit Singh G.K. (President, D.S.G.M.C)

    My heartiest congratulations to the Principal, Teachers and Students of GHPS, Hargobind Enclave for a brilliant result in the Board Examination-2013.
    In this fast changing world, education is the greatest strength of any nation.
    Even the American President Barak Obama has acknowledged that the reason Americans are lagging behind India and China is the lack of attention towards education.
    This should be an eye opener for all of us and we should all be ever more determined to provide the best quality education to our children.
    Which country is going to lead the world tomorrow?
    Not the one with most cash and neither the one with the biggest army.
    Yes it's clear now it's going to be the country with the best educated citizens with particular focus on Science, Mathematics and Management.

    We are now at the threshold of a new era where new scientific discoveries and inventions will determine the prosperity and even survival of humanity. We need more agriculture, but there's not enough land and water. More people need more electricity and cars but where's the coal and petrol? Our planet is heating up - we need to cool it. We need technology for enhancing agricultural production, renewable and nuclear energy, water conservation and recycling, new more efficient automobiles ... the list is endless .... Dear Children, Parents, Teachers and all staff members, let us take this vow that we will contribute our best in strengthening our country by being the best educated people in the world.

    S. Manjinder Singh Sirsa, General Secretary, D.S.G.M.C

    The spring is here again. Trees which had shorn all their greeneries are now sprouting millions of new leaves all over.
    It reminds me of the line from Gurbani:
    “If God Almighty can be ever new, then how can we humans be far behind in doing something new ?”

    The most prominent new thing that has happened in this academic year encompasses a multitude of changes as per the CBSE directives down to the implementation of the same at school level. It has thrown a massive challenge for the entire educational fraternity, the students, teachers and administration. We have to absorb the changes brought about by the new system quickly. Although all new things bring with them some teething troubles, in the long term this system is expected to bring down the stress level of students so that they can spend, more time on developing their personalities.

    My best wishes to the Principal, Staff and Students for contributing towards an excellent Board result 2013. You all are like tiny new leaves sprouting in spring. We assure you that you will have all our love and attention for nurturing you to achieve greatness in life.

    S. Jatinder Pal Singh Narula, Vice-Chairman

    It gives me immense pleasure to see the efforts of the Principal, Staff and Students in displaying excellent Board results-2013.

    So many thoughts crowd my mind. I can see young students bustling everywhere, preparing for the tests, projects, half yearly exams, for inter-school competitions, always jostling to fit in classes along with many career oriented programmes. The atmosphere is infused with energy. There is determination and planning of what each one will do after school. I feel that, the practical way to look at the present is to see it from the perspective of the future. Our major challenge in our plans for future is to retain our creativity and individuality and not to fall in line with the addictive trends of commercialization and materialism. No matter how technologically advanced we may be, let us not lose sight of complexities of human relationships & of unsolved problems of real life.

    Today there is crucial need to strengthen humanistic values like love and respect. As responsible citizens what we can reverse is the spread of hatred and violence especially in the name of religion. For this we need to have a generation of young people committed to empathy and tolerance. At our school we balance academics with a strong emphasis on the teachings of the Gurus. Through this we hope to strengthen ourselves morally to meet the requirement of the times.

    We sincerely hope that in search of monetary treasures we do not let go of our invaluable human values of love and compassion.I am personally convinced that this is absolutely necessary to face the challenges of life. I convey my heartiest blessings to the students. I have a word of appreciation for the Principal and the staff for their tireless efforts in all spheres of school activities. I am confident that they will continue to remain dedicated to the noble cause of education.

    S. Manmohan Singh, Manager

    I feel immense pride when I say that Guru Harkrishan Public School, Hargobind Enclave's school website provides a creative platform for the student to enhance and portray their creative talents.
    The school today is recognized as an institution for imparting value based and quality education. It has set new standards for academic excellence along with promoting education as a tool for overall Personality Development.
    Children, you are the future of our country. You must prepare yourself to face the challenges of the cyber age. Besides paying attention to studies, you must develop your interest in outdoor games and develop a spirit of adventure.

    I feel gratified to observe that the school has an excellent record of achievements in Sports, Cultural and Literary activities in addition to academic excellence.

    I convey my best wishes and felicitation to the School Management, Principal, Staff and Students with the hope that with the blessing of "Bala Pritam Ji" this great institution of ours will scale greater heights of excellence in coming times. May Akal Purakh Waheguru bless the school!

    Mrs.Jasmeet Kaur (Principal)

    They know enough who know how to learn.  - Henry Adams
    Today's child faces major challenges and the greatest challenge of all is competition, whether it is in academics, in sports, in art or in any other extra curricular activity. Each one of us, whether it be the parent or the teacher, is responsible for helping the child to face this situation and carve a niche for himself in his own individual mould with a spirit of healthy sportsman spirit. We need to protect against churning out run of the mill samples which are identical replications running in the same monotonous rat race. Since each child is different, let's help him to remain so but not at the cost of 'tolerance'. Let's safeguard against 'Road Rage'.

    Parents, who devote their time, energy and concentration on their own children, help their children perform well. It would not be misplaced to mention here that our teachers too are parents. They are devoting time and effort to the children of others at the cost of their own.
    This is a major contribution that’s needs to be appreciated and applauded. This is important because "HAPPINESS" is a critical element that helps to make a shining star. The number of smiles generated on the faces of students, parents and teachers is the most important indicator that helps in making a great school. Why is it that this aspect is not getting the requisite attention?
    If it is felt and said that it is easier to move a cemetery than to change a curriculum, we need to realize that even if the curriculum does get changed, it needs to be implemented in the correct spirit. It is the worker at the grass- root level, "The Teacher" who is to implement in change. Just like a happy student learns well, a happy teacher teaches best.
    It is also critical to bring the parents into the learning fold. "Parenting Skills Education" is another crucial aspect which never needed graver attention than the present day. The realization that this aspect need to become an integral part of the current education system set us to undertake this ice breaking exercise. Our Parents- Teachers Meeting have undergone a great change. A view of the PTM photographs says it all. We no longer have the routine and dull meetings of the teachers and parents restricted to academic or fault finding activities alone. We as a team believe-The world is as many times new as there are children in our lives (Robert Brault).
    Children need to be educated holistically, wherein integration of co-scholastic areas into the school curriculum, as envisaged by the new pattern of CCE is required. CCE aims at enhancing the child's potential. Taken in the right perspective, it rein forces the fact that the day of rote learning is long gone. Today's child needs to be guided to experiment, to see, to evaluate, to learn and to sift information to be able to judge right from wrong. Let us help the child become an independent learner and create an environment where in our saplings learn to stand upright as strong oaks and not vines needing support. 
    Today's "Google Age Child" does not need to be 'told'. Information is already there for the asking. He is not coming to school for the same reason for which we as children went to school. The child has not use for studying subjects in isolated compartments. It amount to living on one island for breakfast, another for lunch, another for tea and so on. A networked curriculum is what is needed today. The school's span of activities and project reinforces the spirit and essence of CCE and negates the criticism that CCE adds to the work load of teachers and burden of students.
    Another major area of concern for us as teachers and parent in the magnetic attraction of the MONITORS, be it that of the TV or computer or even that of Mobile phones. To mitigate this impact the gap between Physical Skills Training and ‘Physical Education’ needs to be bridged. The need needs of the times is not just conducting mass PT or military drill but helping our children to develop a love for physical activity .Patience, resilience, team work, collaboration, sportsman spirit – all need to be included through these activities. If our children do not learn how to walk up and down school corridors and comprehend the need to walk on the left, how will they learn road sense? The importance of waiting for your turn is what is needed for negating mob mentality and be easily taught through the simple exercise of standing in a ‘Q’. Walking up to nearest market instead of driving down is only going to be possible if the child does not swoon or faint in the morning assembly.
    Mirrors reflect the true image of life. Let us ‘ALL’ ensure and work toward holding up a mirror that reflects the true beauty of the Universe in it’s totality. This is the true essence of the School motto:

    Let us all strive, collectively, to live up to it in letter and spirit.

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